What we do

HoHoHa inspires to look after hundreds of poor destitute children and shall ensure that each one of them gets a proper care and education and make them true responsible Citizen of India.

Child’s Background: “HoHoHa” has been set up for the most unfortunate deprived children, living in extremely unhygienic and poor conditions. The children are welcomed into the HoHoHa home from the slums, red light areas, railway platforms and remote villages. Most of the innocent souls have been exposed to one of the shocking tortures of mental, physical and sexual abuse. These children have been denied from all the bare basics of childhood be it education, recreation nutrition and security.

Child’s Selection: Children are identified by the volunteers and community workers working in the villages, slums and red light areas and the neighboring areas of Kolkata. Once seen and verified, the children’s parents, guardians or neighbors (in case of orphans) are contacted and convinced to spare the child from labor and the hell of their pitiful existence.

Life at HoHoHa :

The children are very aspired and want to become Engineers, Police Officers and Pilots. It’s a pleasure to see them grow and be so happy.